Peter Rowe

Author, Artist, Illustrator, Presenter, Motivational Speaker

About Peter

Because I cannot read, write, or speak (without a facilitator), my website has become an important and helpful way for me to tell you about my life, and all the various things I have been able to achieve and participate in over the years. It also allows me to keep you updated with everything I am doing so you don’t miss out.


My goal in life is to be part of creating social change and changing social perceptions. Imagine communities where every individual regardless of abilities feels connected to, supported by, and valued for what they are able to do and have to offer. I believe the most powerful thing of all, is having opportunities to find your voice and share your story, this has certainly been life changing for me.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and that you will join the adventure, after all life is the greatest adventure of all.

  • Peter Rowe speaking to fans at an art exhibition

    Facilitated Communication

    Facilitated Communication (‘FC’) is a system that allows me to tap out my words and thoughts letter by letter on a QWERTY communication board, with the help of a trained Facilitator who speaks my words as I tap them out. Being able communicate through FC has enabled me to engage…

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