Peter Rowe

Author, Artist, Illustrator, Presenter, Motivational Speaker


Peter’s Work

Art has been an important part of my journey.
Art has given me a way to share my voice, my story and a way in which to connect.
My words and stories are embedded in every piece I create.

I first started painting in 2003 as a form of therapy, to assist with overcoming Post Traumatic Stress, from abuse I experienced in a care facility. Creativity allowed me to paint through the darkness and the pain into a place of peace, happiness and colour.

Today because of the wonderful support of people like my Art Tutor Cheryl, I have grown as an artist and as a person.

I am now an exhibiting artist, my work has been exhibited in galleries such as Gympie and Gladstone Regional Galleries the Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre and I regularly take part in ‘Art From The Margins’ and ‘Immanuel Arts Festival’.

Peter's Art Collections

I have held quite a few exhibitions and sold pieces throughout Australia and overseas. Below you can browse through and see a selection of my art and pop over to ‘Bluethumb’ online gallery to see art which is currently for sale.

About Peter's Art

My artistic journey began as art therapy, to help me overcome Post Traumatic Stress following abuse at a care facility, but over the years I have evolved into an accomplished artist in my own right.

The evolution of my art over the years is symbolic of my transition out of darkness, confusion and fear, with my more recent works capturing the colour and light of my new found enjoyment of life. Read about my journey below.

  • State of Being, painting by Peter Rowe. This was the first of two paintings done during the ‘Onsite’ program.

    The Artist’s Journey

    Starting to Paint As with my books, there is a depth of meaning in many of my paintings. When I first started painting, it became a valuable source of expression and healing from Post Traumatic Stress associated with abuse in a care facility. My early paintings therefore were very indicative…

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  • Art Exhibitions

    I have exhibited my art in various Galleries and venues throughout Australia over the years.  These have varied, from small and intimate displays, fun collaborations and my very own solo exhibitions. I am able to continue my love of art thanks to the support of my art tutor Cheryl Nonmus….

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