Peter Rowe

Author, Artist, Illustrator, Presenter, Motivational Speaker



There is a Shadow that haunts and haunts our minds.
It grows in dark places and no one knows why.
The dark it brings can consume even the brightest of outlooks.
It is a place, in itself, that takes up time and space from happiness.
The place is a shadow but not a solid;
a fear, but not a truth.
It tells lies and deceives the mind into feeling lost and alone.
It knows the buttons to push and the ways it can win.
It speaks whispers that echo like a loud yell and screams at every part.
The nameless shadow is referred to as “The Fear”–
Fear of being alone; Fear of being lost.
I know its voice well; it lives nearby and visits often.
I never knew I could tell it to go away until now.
I see it is a liar and a thief and I don’t want to stand for it anymore.
I don’t want to live with this unwanted house guest.
I want to be free from this shadow
You know that my determination is strong;
You know that my strength and will to crush you is growing.
You are fear: Yet you, yourself, are afraid!
Afraid that I will no longer let you in.
There is a day coming when your knocking will be unheard in my mind.
There is a day coming when I will stomp you out, lock you out.
You will be homeless in this place.
You are nothing but slime;
nothing to smile at.
The sword of my determination will cut you down
and you will be dead to me.
I don’t hate you, but you are my enemy.
I am beginning to know you and I don’t want you near me.
Leave me my peace and my sanity and get lost somewhere else.
Sorry to see you go but there is no love in you.
It was a sort of weird comfort when you were here,
but there is no love in you.
Goodbye to you, my old friend! You have wasted enough of my time.
If happiness is riches then I want the whole treasure.
Goodbye to you… I don’t need you any more!

© Peter William Rowe 2003
(written with Ryan O’Connor, 6th March 2003)