Peter Rowe

Author, Artist, Illustrator, Presenter, Motivational Speaker

The Angel In My Room


An Angel watches over me all day and especially at night.
He comes with me when I walk and swim
And when I dance and sing,
He is there.

He protects me from the darkness that surrounds me
And he tells me that I am safe with him.
He is the guardian and friend for me
But he is not the guide for me.

There is no reason to pray to him
Because he doesn’t answer prayers;
He just does what God asks him to do.

Some people say there must not be an angel looking after me
because bad things have happened to me in the past.
But they have not understood what Angels protect us from.

They do not protect us from our lives or ourselves.
But they protect us from death.
Not the death of our body,
although sometimes they step in there too;
They protect us from the death of our spirit.
This sort of death crushes us and some people go insane when this happens.

I know that my angel is there,
because the things that have happened in my life
would have killed my spirit a long time ago
if he was not there.

Some people see angels; some do not.
Some people do not even know they are there.
It doesn’t matter;
they are there just the same.

Peter William Rowe ©2003
(written with Ryan O’Connor, 2nd October 2003)