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An Evening with Peter Rowe 2017


‘An Evening with Peter Rowe’ held at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery on September 16th was a wonderful community collaboration between locals, business’s and creative’s from within Fraser Coast and Hervey Bay.

This was also very special as my ‘Take a Seat’ exhibition was on display at the Gallery along with the works of ‘Art Affair’. The opening was on the 15th of September, coinciding with Disability Action week.

During this very fun, inclusive and creative evening I shared my story, how important art has been to me throughout my life, and how grateful I am for the supports I have in my life. There was then an open invitation for everyone to take part in an art workshop with my art tutor Cheryl Nonmus. This was a celebration of colour, happiness and how powerful we are when we work together.

I share my words and voice through paint on a canvas, the messages in the pages of my books and making connections. Creating is expressing who you are and what you stand for. Creating community connections creates opportunities for everyone regardless of abilities to share their voice; to paint it, sing it, dance it or write it.

I am very passionate about the importance of being connected to one’s community in order to live a happy and full life, which is both valued by the yourself and others. ‘An Evening with Peter Rowe’ was the result of a connection made with a very special person, Leigh West, at the opening of my Gympie ‘Take a Seat’  art exhibition opening.

Lee Lee a fellow artist appreciated and resonated with how my art has given me a voice, a creative outlet and a means in which to share my story. This then resulted in the most amazing connection and support from within the Fraser Coast community which embraced my story, art and all I have to share.

My goodness me what a fun night we all had at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery for An Evening With Peter Rowe A collage of laughter, colour, creativity and very special connections being madeThank you to everyone who made this all possible and to everyone who came along and enjoyedmy heart is full and I am so grateful for it is because of this support and people believing in me that I am able to continue to share my story and live a life I love full of colour, creativity and joy.

Posted by Peter Rowe on Sunday, 17 September 2017

Photos from ‘An Evening with Peter Rowe’: