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Painting my way through to the other side: the power of art

How do you share who you are, how do you share how you are feeling and how do you do this without words. Art and Creativity allow us a very powerful means in which to express and communicate our emotions. When it comes to breaking down barriers, removing labels and opening up opportunity for conversations, art and creativity and the connections that they create can not be ignored.

Art has played an incredibly important role in my life, it has been instrumental in carrying me safely back from a very dark place and time. I literally painted through the pain, confusion and anxiety until I broke through into a space of happiness and colour, a space that is reflected in every stroke of paint on every canvas. I have moved from art being used as a form of therapy to heal trauma, to becoming an exhibiting artist. I must say when I look back at my journey, I am so very proud of myself and at times overwhelmed by the level of love and support I have received from family, friends and supports to get to where I am today.

There are times even for those blessed with verbal abilities when words are hard to articulate, when trying to express how you are feeling is simply too overwhelming, painful or there simply are not words to do so. I believe that creativity gives individuals a way in which to pour their feelings safely out and assist with healing, at times being far more powerful then words ever could be. I have often had people say they have been moved by or felt drawn to particular pieces of my art. That something in the artwork resonated with an experience or moment in their life. This is art speaking and connecting, it is such a beautiful thing to be part of, I am always left feeling very humbled and filled with joy when this is shared.

When we sit in the space of someone else and listen, truly listen we hear so much more even in the silence

When I say art saved my life, I do not say this lightly, I truly mean this. Creativity gave me an outlet in which to not only heal but also make amazing long standing community connections that I value so highly. Art has given me the opportunity to express freely, it has opened up my heart and my world. There are times when my words and emotions flow from me onto each canvas that I paint. When this happens it is unlike any feeling in the world, total freedom. My wish is that with each painting, I am connecting with the people who view my art, that hopefully they see beyond the disability, the label and stigma of Down syndrome and see me the artist, the individual, Peter Rowe.

I am always very grateful for the support I receive and appreciate you following my journey. You can view a small selection of my artworks currently available for sale through my bluethumb online Gallery.

Love and happiness

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